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Little Learners
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About Little Learners
    Little Learners is The American Preschool in Teverola              

      Here are a few facts about Little Learners.

  •  This year, 2016/2017, we will once again be offering optional extended hours in the morning and afternoon. We are offering the option of either 9:00am - 2:30pm core hours, or the newly expanded 7:30am - 4:30pm extended day. Please note that a 7:15am early drop-off will be available, free, to anyone who chooses the extended hours programs. This should be more convenient for those parents who have to be to work by 7:30am, or for those who would simply like to get an early start on a day-trip to the Amalfi Coast.

  •   A very important factor to consider here in Italy is that our academic calendar coincides with the DoDDS calendarwhich makes it much easier to coordinate vacations and holiday getaways for our families with older children in the DoDDS schools.

  •  Last year 100% of our four and five-year-old students who attended school five days per week had learned to read independently by year's end, and once again, several of them achieved a second grade level - Congratulations!

  •  Each child's work is sent home in a folder on a regular basis so you could monitor his/her progress, and the staff is always available to meet with parents before or after school.

  •  The entire day is structured - there is no down time, however it is not all work and no play at LL. Our little scholars get out to play twice per day, and when the weather is inclement, they truly enjoy the many projects and crafts we do together. 

  •  Finally, we do not require uniforms, and school lunch is optional. 

free trial period is available with no obligations. Simply contact us if you are interested.

• Email: littlelearners@inbox.com
• Phone: 348-855-3322
• Website: www.littlelearnersnaples.com

Pre-K / Kindergarten graduation at Little Learners, June 2010
Pre-K / Kindergarten graduation at Little Learners, June 2009
 Why do our children at LL learn to read at such an early age, and how will they do when they leave Little Learners?

     After having developed the necessary fundamental skills, our 4- and 5-year-olds work one on one, every day, with Miss Donna. They learn to read and write at such a young age, not because they are pushed - they are not - but because learning is a rewarding experience at Little Learners. They are thrilled each time they attain a new reading level, and so excited when they finally achieve a reading bag. The reading bag contains a book that they read with their parents at home. Once they begin to put all the sounds together, the reading bags go home with them each night. Our parents are naturally pleasantly surprised and quite proud when they see their 4-year-old beginning to read. The positive reinforcement the children receive both in school and at home, are a source of motivation for them. My little students consistently come to me asking for more reading time and books that are more difficult. 
     At LL, our children are happy, and motivated to achieve, and I believe that is the secret to their success.
     Our graduates leave LL confident and capable, reading well above their grade level - and they consistently place into advanced programs at their next schools. 
So, if you plan to enroll your children in the very competitive environment of private schools back in the States, or you just want them to have a competitive edge wherever you put them, you can rest assured that they will be quite well prepared for success when they leave Little Learners. 

Donna Ogilvie

June 2010 Graduation, three & four-year-old classes
The three & four-year-old classes perform for their parents at graduation 2010
June 2010 Graduation, three & four-year-old classes
The three & four-year-old classes perform for their parents at graduation 2010

"II would like to take a moment to say how much I think Little Learners has helped my two young boys. My name is Matt Konopka and my 8 year old attended LL for two and a half years and now my four year old is in his second year. When my oldest got to DoDDs kindergarten he was well ahead of the "average" and continues along that pace. My youngest is also doing outstanding for his age. LL provides a wonderful environment for the children to learn in and both my boys love it. My oldest even goes there in the summer to help out when the younger one attends day camp. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking fun, quality education for their children."
The Konopka Family
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You are all invited to Open House at Little Learners Preschool on Thursday, August 31, 2017 from 10:00am to 1:00pm. Tour the facility, talk to the teachers and get to know the LL community. Registrations will be accepted, and classes begin Tuesday September 5, 2017. Please note that Registration is currently open for anyone interested in securing a seat prior to open house. Student/teacher ratios are low, and quality of care, and education is high at LL, so don’t miss out. Refreshments will be served And... Don’t forget to take advantage of our free one-week trial period. We look forward to seeing you!